The Benefits of Playing Play Dough


Letting a child play gives a great significance to their development. Playdough is one of the toys that they are attracted to the most. That is why in our daycare, we encourage our kids to play with play dough.

The benefits your child can get from playing play dough are the following:

  • It is effective for their fine motor skills.
    Playdough builds the strength needed for writing, tying their shoes, butting their clothes, carrying wide objects, and many more.
  • Dough playing encourages imaginative play, an avenue for a child’s creativity.
    It also builds and strengthens language and problem-solving skills.
  • Helps them unlock more skills in academics.
    Playdough may be used for hands-on exploration with nearly any skill you are teaching with your child. It also taps into tactile learning styles.

Playing should not only happen at school. It should be encouraged and continued at home. The school is only the place where the child will learn more through play. However, the things they will acquire at home will serve as their foundation.

‘’Hinder them not’’ Montessori School is a preschool in New Jersey. We assure to help each child under our care develop confidence, courtesy, love for learning, independence, social skills, and a lot more. You can expect that your child will have a joyful, positive, and meaningful experience. We will let them explore, learn, and have fun to encourage them to do more.

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