Teaching a Child about Friendship

Teaching a Child about Friendship

Learning about the beauty of friendship is significant in life. Letting a child know the essence of making friends can help them develop good social skills. As a preschool in New Jersey, we recognize that teaching a child to build good social skills is necessary. It will allow them to enjoy better peer relationships.

Learning about the benefits of having friends starts at home. A child will base their understanding of friendship on what they observe from their surroundings. As a Montessori school in Iselin, New Jersey, we teach each child to understand the importance of having friends. We also make them see the beauty of being a good friend.

We instill in them that friendship is:

  • helping and encouraging one another
  • taking good care of one another
  • having fun together
  • celebrating with another
  • showing generosity while demonstrating empathy

Sociable children are likely to reap the benefits of having good friendships. Having good social skills in children will help reduce stress. It is true, especially in a daycare setting. We understand that a child is shy during their first day of school. Meeting new faces and having no one that is known to them will stress a child. However, teaching them to make friends with their peers in the classroom will help them adjust easily.

Making friends right away is not easy. In ‘’Hinder them not’’ Montessori School, we encourage each child to mingle with one another. We assess and assist them in making friends in the classroom. We guarantee to build friendship between them and mold them to be as socially responsible and approachable as much as possible.

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