Get to know the people behind our school’s success.

“Hinder them not” Montessori School is comprised of faculty and staff members who share the common goal of enriching children’s minds and hearts. Since we recognize the significance of their formative years, every member of our team is dedicated to providing your little ones with the tools they need to thrive.

Our staff’s combined years of experience and passion make us an ideal choice for your children’s first years of education. We maintain a strict hiring process that includes background and reference checks to ensure that they are capable of providing every student with the support and guidance they deserve.

Sally McGeehanSally McGeehan, Founder

I received my Montessori Certification and founded “Hinder them not” Montessori School in 1999. For the past 20 years it has been a joy and an honor to have guided and taught the children that have attended my Academy. Most children graduating kindergarten from “Hinder them not” are on a first and second grade reading level, and many of them have been accepted into the Gifted and Talented classes at the Academys they next attended.

I have been inspired and supported by Dr. Maria Montessori and The Montessori Method to fulfill my personal vocation to work with and care for very young children. Knowing that the early formative years of a person’s life are the most important years, it is with confidence and love that I offer “Hinder them not” Montessori School to society.

Patricia GjoniPatricia Gjoni

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Special Education in the Philippines. I have eight years experience teaching kindergarten and elementary grades in the Philippines and Indonesia.

I love being with the children. I especially appreciate their innocence, energy, and sincerity. “Hinder them not” Montessori School is an amazing child-centered environment that helps each child to reach their fullest potential. Being a teacher in this Academy has helped me understand and practice the Montessori Method in true Montessori style. I am blessed to be a part of this very fine Academy.

Madhura RamaswamyMadhura Ramaswamy

I earned my Bachelors in Science and Education while in India. I also have my Montessori Diploma from the Montitute International Montessori League. At “Hinder them not” Montessori School we follow Montessori methodologies very strictly. This Montessori classroom environment is thoroughly prepared and equipped to guide each child to great personal and academic success, both now and in their futures. I am proud to be a part of the staff of “Hinder them not” Montessori School.

Meena SivaramanMeena Sivaraman

I came to the USA in 2009 from Chennai, India. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Computers and I hold a post graduate degree in Marketing. But it has been my life long ambition to work with children as a Teacher and I am now fulfilling my goal.

I especially enjoy working at “Hinder them not” because it feels like a home here. The children are very happy and are well cared for. It is a very peaceful environment – for the children and for the teachers. I am so happy to be working at “Hinder them not”. I have received many hours of training from Ms. Sally and I agree wholeheartedly in the Montessori Method. Through this Method the children grow in confidence and independence. I have been working here since May/2018 and during this time I have seen many children grow and change because of this Method.

For more information regarding our staff, you may call us at 732-710-3882 or send us a message online.