The Guiding Principles of Montessori Education


The basic principles of Montessori education, developed by European doctor turned educator Maria Montessori, emphasize the holistic development of the individual child. A Montessori School’s educational environment is teacher-initiated rather than teacher-centric, with an emphasis on the learners and their pace.

Enrolling your children in daycare at Montessori School in Iselin, New Jersey indicates that they will be nurtured following Montessori principles.

  • Cognition and Movement – Programs are designed to help children develop their problem-solving and thinking skills through a variety of hands-on activities such as puzzles and board games.
  • Interest – The subject matter is presented to students based on their interests.
  • Choice – Children are also taught to be independent individuals by providing them with choices.
  • The Ways of the Child and the Ways of the Teacher – Enrichment programs’ adult engagement is confined to facilitation. The rest of the learning process is completed by the learners at their own pace and in their way.
  • Contextual Learning – Children learn the subject matter in its context, not only the ideas and principles.
  • Experiential and Social Learning – Learners are also encouraged to interact with their classmates to gain new experiences and share what they’ve learned through their activities.
  • Avoidance of Extrinsic Rewards – Teachers in a Montessori school are responsible for creating a nurturing environment in which students can develop their self-confidence. In this scenario, the incentives are more intrinsic than extrinsic.
  • Order in Mind and the Environment – The Montessori method promotes the idea that children learn best in a calm environment because it improves concentration.

“Hinder them not” Montessori School fosters the holistic development of its students by adhering to these eight principles. Children will have gained both information and practical skills by the end of the curriculum.

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