Benefits of Outdoor Play to Young Children

Benefits of Outdoor Play to Young Children

As adults, we remember our time as little kids with a fondness to play outside and being one with everyone we meet. These opportunities to leave the constraints of the classroom behind and set out for another playground adventure are memories you cherish forever. We want this type of experience for your children here at “Hinder them not” Montessori School.

In our Montessori School in Iselin, New Jersey, children can be whatever they want and do the things that will spark their interest. We believe that they can do anything as long as they have the right guidance and assistance from an early learner educator and our staff. We encourage children to be in touch with fun-learning outdoor activities by allowing them to have time to go outside of classrooms and play with other children.

When children in our Preschool in New Jersey play outside, they learn what they’re physically capable of, and they develop the confidence to repeat activities until they become masters. When kids play outside with other children, they get to interact in an unstructured environment. These interactions give them the chance to learn, make discoveries and share their newfound knowledge with other children.

Give your children the advantage of being enrolled in a school that allows them to be their curious and explorative selves. Early learners are most welcome in our Daycare. To get started, please reach out to our lines.

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