Music in our classroom takes on different forms.  Each day during “circle time” we sing songs.  Singing is a big part of our school and our songs are fun, educational, and inspiring.  Children memorize songs and enjoy singing them over and over again.  We sing a Christmas Concert and a Graduation Program each year.  

Our music program includes a set of chimes which are introduced in the beginning of the school year.  (These chimes are a lot like a xylophone.)  We teach the “C” scale on the chimes and also play simple children's songs that the children can play also.   The chimes are on the shelf for the children to use whenever they choose. 

In the middle of the school year we bring into the classroom our Montessori Bells.  This is a set of beautiful sounding bells on which the children can learn and play scales, notes, and songs.   It is up to the child the level of music they are interested in learning.  Our classroom is a three year program, so by the third year the child has the opportunity to learn music and play music if they are interested. 
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