Birthdays are Celebrated at
"Hinder them not"
The child brings in a story written by their
parents of  important life experiences, favorite things, etc. which is read to the class.  

The birthday child also brings in a few pictures of themselves from when they were younger, so we can see how they have grown. 
We have a singing birthday cake that sings "Happy Birthday" while we have our popcorn party.  
               We have an old fashioned popcorn machine which we bring out special for birthdays. 
We sing "Happy Birthday" before we start the party.
While the class sings "The Earth Goes Round The Sun" song the child celebrating their birthday holds our class Globe and walks around (orbits) the "sun" which is in the center, the number of times of their new age --  signifying the amount of times planet earth has orbited the sun in their lifetime. 
We have a great time at "Hinder them not" when we celebrate brithdays.  We sing "Happy Birthday" and  have a popcorn party during our snack time.  During our circle time that day the birthday ceremony consists of the birthday child holding the globe of the earth and walking around the “sun” which had been placed in the center of the circle, the number of times that the child is old.  If the child is turning four they walk around the “sun” four times signifying the earth has orbited the sun four times so far in their lifetime.  We then show pictures which the child has brought in showing how they have grown.  One picture as a little baby, one at age one, two, three, etc.  Also their parent writes a paragraph telling the birthday child’s little life story. 
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