What an exciting experience for the children as they watched Monarch butterflies emerge from their cocoon/chrysalis.  The children had received caterpillars that were striped yellow, white, and black from one of the children's parents, along with `milkweed leaves for the caterpillars to eat.  Within days, the children watched as each caterpillar made its way to the top of the cage, hung there, and made its own chrysalis.  
Patiently, the class observed the chrysalis, and as the chrysalis began to become darker and more translucent, the anticipation grew amongst the children.  Then, one by one, with the children watching in amazement, each butterfly emerged from its own cocoon:  four altogether!  The butterflies remained in the classroom for a couple of days so as to give their wings a chance to dry, and then the class made their way outside together and opened the cage.  Out flew each butterfly, up and over their school building, ready to begin their journey south for the winter. 
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